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David Clymer, MD

Focus lies within total joint arthroplasty, sports medicine, and spine (pediatric and adult). A notably conservative surgeon, Dr. Clymer emphasizes the exhaustion of non-surgical treatment options prior to resorting to surgery. 

Scott Luallin, MD

Focus lies within sports medicine, Carticel knee implantations, and total hip replacements.  Dr. Luallin is also the medical team director for Sporting Kansas City, and has been since the team's inauguration in 1996.

Greg Van den Berghe, MD

Focus lies within sports medicine, as well as the shoulder.  Dr. Van den Berghe is a Master Instructor of Arthroscopy at the Orthopaedic Learning Center in Chicago, IL. 

Matthew Kneidel, MD

Focus lies within the foot and ankle, as well as general orthopedic surgery.

Valerie Deardorff, MD

Focus lies within the finger, hand, and wrist.

Scott Abraham, MD

Focus lies within total joint replacement, sports medicine, as well as fracture management.  While Dr. Abraham is a general orthopedic surgeon, he also uses Verilast technology; an advanced bearing surface for knee and hip replacement surgery. 

Jenny Chandra, MD

Focus lies within rehabilitation of the neck and back, as well as an emphasis in migraine management.  Dr. Chandra is also involved in the conduction of EMG/nerve conduction research studies. 

Michael Khadavi, MD

Focus lies within non-operative spinal intervention and musculoskeletal treatment, but is most prominently known for his musculoskeletal subspecialty in the biomechanics of running medicine. Dr. Khadavi is the director of sports and running medicine at Carondelet Orthopaedics, and has implemented a running injury management and prevention program titled RunSafe. 

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