Hartzell Leo


Sir Hartzell Leo is in the 95th and above percentile for height, weight, and head circumference at age 3 months (September 14th!) 

Too cute for words? We know. It's no secret - It's those little thigh rolls that make him extra adorable. 

Check out some of our photos from the holiday party, who do you think he looks more like? Hope or Nick? 



Happy belated 4th of July, Kansas City! On behalf of our staff here at Champion Performance and Physical Therapy, we hope you all had a safe, fun holiday weekend - and continued to do your exercises if you traveled out of town! 

Aside from wishing you all a happy holiday weekend, we wanted to pass on a few more photos of Hope's little man for all of you to enjoy! This weekend was Hartz's first boat ride, first "swim lesson", and first weekend away from home! CHECK OUT HIS TINY LIFE JACKET on our Facebook page!