It's been a good year for Move Forward Radio, our twice-monthly podcast. Catch up with our top 6 episodes from 2016:

Pro volleyball star and TV host Gabby Reece on her opioid-free approach to total knee replacement rehabilitation

Gabby Reece recounts her decision to participate in physical therapy—and her commitment to recovery without the use of drugs. Along the way, Reece explains how her path is 1 that could be considered by any individual facing decisions about what to do after surgery.

A Cleveland Clinic researcher on physical therapy as first-choice pain treatment

Andre Machado, MD, is leading an innovative pain treatment research project that puts a combination of physical therapy and behavioral therapy at the front lines of pain treatment, and takes a cautious approach to the use of opioids. Machado shares his thoughts on opioids and the need for a cultural shift on attitudes about pain.

Physical therapy's lifechanging effects on chronic pelvic pain

Erin Jackson's pelvic pain, a mysterious, stabbing pain, felt both internal and external, plagued her for over a decade. She saw multiple health care providers in multiple states. She was prescribed multiple medications, none of which worked. Then Jackson began working with a physical therapist who presented a new treatment approach for her pain—and things finally began to change. 

The LA Lakers' "secret weapon" on the challenges of treating elite athletes

Judy Seto, PT, DPT, MBA, who has served as head PT for the Lakers for the past 5 years, talks about what's involved in making sure that Kobe Bryant and colleagues stay healthy through an 82-game regular season, plus preseason, postseason, and the offseason.

The latest on blood flow restriction training

Johnny Owens, PT, MPT, is a high-profile proponent of a relatively new training approach that involves applying a tourniquet to an injured limb to allow patients to make greater strength gains while lifting lighter loads (and reducing overall stress). Owens describes how it works, shares his vision for the potential of the technique within health care, and discusses where research is going.

A patient's journey out of extreme pain thanks to physical therapy

When Morgan Hay broke her big toe, she assumed it was a small injury. Weeks later, however, her foot was still discolored and swollen, and the pain was intense. Hay recounts misdiagnoses, multiple painkiller prescriptions, and finally, the physical therapy treatment that is helping her make real progress.