You all remember the "MEET THE PHYSICIANS" blog posts, correct? Well, now it's our turn. 
This is just some simple background information regarding what all of our treating therapists specialize in, and where their clinical interests lie, at this location.

Hope Hillyard, DPT

Focus lies within all aspects of orthopaedic rehabilitation and performance, ranging from pre and post-operational treatments, to balance and gait training, to generalized joint and back pain.  Dr. Hillyard's pre and post-operational treatments cover a wide variety of procedures; the most common being ACL reconstruction/meniscus repair, labral repairs of the shoulder and hip, rotator cuff repairs, and total joint replacements of the shoulder, hip, and knee. Her clinical interests include manual and manipulation of the spine, as well as high-level sports medicine rehabilitation with high school through professional athletes. As of 2017, she will be a certified Spinal Specialist by the American Board of Spinal Manipulation. 

Janice Bode, PT

Focus lies within all aspects of orthopaedic rehabilitation, with specialties including the distal lower extremity, foot, and ankle, as well as the back and core. While Mrs. Bode practices with an emphasis in non-surgical rehabilitation to allow her to focus on the cause of pain as opposed to the symptoms, she has established a reputation as one of Kansas City's best physical therapists for post-surgical rehabilitation of the foot and ankle. 

Molly Sauder, PT

Focus lies within the pelvis floor, with treatment protocols established to relieve symptoms from a wide variety of conditions; including incontinence and constipation. Mrs. Sauder also is known for an emphasis in women's health, as a number of her patients are seen to treat pelvic floor dysfunction following vaginal birth. 

Kaitlin Way, PTA

Focus lies within all aspects of rehabilitation and performance, with a similar list of credentials as Dr. Hillyard. Mrs. Way can see any patient of Dr. Hillyard's, as they share a similar professional relationship to that of a medical doctor and their physician's assistant. She has a special clinical interest in high-level recovery for sports medicine injuries, as she is also a certified Weight Lifting Coach and Personal Trainer through the American Council of Exercise, as well as a licensed Cross-Fit coach. Kaitlin has helped to design and establish many of our high-level athlete protocols during the latter aspects of their rehab to continuously challenge them at a level that will benefit them pending their return to sport.

Michael Hill, LMT, PTA, KCTP

Focus lies within massage therapy, with special emphasis on musculoskeletal treatment of sciatica, migraines, and post-operative care and scar management. Michael Hill owns Kinesio Clinic, a massage therapy clinic located within our building. He is also a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, who is known for having an unusual edge. His ability to treat injuries from a multiple perspectives stems from his education and training in multiple treatment options that result in the same outcome. 

Pamela Carney, PT

Focus lies within holistic treatment of general pain by means of the spirit, body, and soul. She is an independent contractor who uses multiple facilities, including ours. As a board certified craniosacral therapist, she uses a combination of gentle manual therapy with functional exercise to produce physical and mental relief of pain.