As you can imagine, this Father's Day was a special one to our clinic this year, as Hope and Nick got to welcome their little man into the world just days before. Other than being as tired as you'd expect, mom, dad, and baby are all doing great!

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish a belated 'Happy Father's Day' to all of the fathers and families in Kansas city, with a special shout out to all of our new parents/new fathers who are spending their first Father's Day with their child(ren) in 2016 - especially Nick Hillyard, Hope's husband!

We, here at Champion Performance and Physical Therapy, hope this weekend was a Father's Day celebration you'll never forget! 

Patients of Champion, utilize this opportunity to thank your support system - whether that include your father or not - for helping you to recover as best you can; we know it's no easy task! Support through physical therapy, whether it be from family or friends, is crucial to morale, and ultimately, the success of our patients. They can't do what they do to recover from injury without the help of their support system and loved ones.