Many times, getting cleared from therapy can be bittersweet for patients.  On one hand, it's definitely a relief, as getting through therapy is a success on its own, but to an extent, it can be nerve-wrecking.  Quite a few people will struggle with venturing out on their own; doctors expect you to act as though you're as good as new, but you still feel as though you are not back to 100% - you've been through surgery, or therapy, or maybe both, and your body has changed.  The thing is, you're not wrong.  

The purpose of physical therapy is to return patients to a functional level; meaning you can drive, complete daily hygiene tasks, dress yourself, and perform household chores without modification of your movements.  Unfortunately, a functional level on a percentage scale means we're working to get you back to anywhere from 75-90%, with the last 10-25% being higher level activities, or sports (activities your body would still be functional without.)  

An example would be your right knee hurts when you put all your body weight on it when walking up stairs, so you only ascend stairs leading with your left knee. 

Another example would be your right shoulder pain is so severe when your arm is above your head, that you've begun washing and combing your hair with the left hand instead so as to avoid lifting the right arm above shoulder height. 

What does all of this mean?  

It means the last 10-25% is on your own.  This is the part that can be intimidating, especially for athletes who will likely be rehabbing to return to the sport during which they received the initial injury.

An example would be a high school student returning to volleyball when she went through five months of therapy to return from an ACL/MCL/meniscus repair while playing sand volleyball.

However, the point of us giving you the home exercise program is for you to progress on your own after in-clinic therapy is over. We give you the tools to continue your progression at home, and away from us.  However, we understand it's much more difficult to retrain the mind than it is to retrain the body.  For all of you who are nervous to return to higher level activity, or those of you who just do not trust themselves with the upkeep of their exercises, Champion Performance and Physical Therapy has your solution! 

Beginning in March, Champion Performance and Physical Therapy will be launching our FIT (Functional Independent Training) program.  FIT is an innovative approach to health, fitness, and continued patient care by increasing mobility, building strength, improving stability, improving vitality, and helping to prevent further injury. as it focuses on the need to continue triplane improvement, along with providing an education, that will help clients maintain therapy results, and improve overall quality of life.

The FIT program provides a comforting, medically oriented environment for clients to progress on their own but within earshot of a therapist.

The FIT Program requires an evaluation with a therapist if you have not been seen by a therapist in more than 30 days for a one-time charge of $40 out-of-pocket.  The purpose of the evaluation is review past medical history, review existing conditions and observe deficits that exist, whether or not the client is aware of them, and to create an individual workout program. 

Please call at 913-291-2290 or visit our website at kcchampionperformance.com for more information.

If you nervous about taking on your home program by yourself, or struggle to perform your exercises correctly on your own, or have trouble trusting your body to return to higher level activities without medical supervision, this just may be the perfect option for you!