Let's be real, everyone: exercising outdoors during the fall is by far the easiest, as there isn't much rain, but you also aren't attempting to bare the temperature extremes. 

But, like always, there are always precautions you can incorporate into your routine that'll keep you on track with your exercise!

1. Reflectors

Get used to wearing reflectors, headlamps, or reflective clothing. The sun goes down earlier and earlier during the year, and running at 6 PM after work is going to go from blinding sunsets to complete darkness, and it's crucial that if you are going to exercise outdoors, that you give cars or other pedestrians an opportunity to see you with enough time to get out of the way. 

2. Stretch!

As the weather gets colder, it's necessary for you to remember to stretch before and after workouts. This doesn't go for just people exercising outdoors - you'd be surprised at how quickly you'll tighten up just walking from the gym to your car in low temperatures!

3. Utilize Schools Near You

Many high schools that have football fields, stadiums, or tracks allow the public to exercise on school grounds. Contact schools near you to figure out which locations are public-friendly, and which are not! 

4. Be Respectful

That being said, be respectful of those schools who do allow you to utilize their outdoor facilities, as they'll likely have fall sports teams practicing until around dinner time. It's necessary that their coaches be comfortable with having the public on the grounds during practice time, as it's possible that staff could confuse you with someone else. Many high schools have rules concerning scouting and filming for their athletes, and therefore, place restrictions on who is allowed on athletic grounds during practice times. 

5. Layer

It can be chilly, or even extremely warm during the fall, so it's best to dress in layers so you can add or subtract clothing as your workout progresses. It's better for your muscles to be warm than cold, but be sure to protect your body from overheating. If you start cold sweating, or get goosebumps in 90 degree weather, you're likely starting to overheat! Be sure to find some shade, drink some water if possible, and cool your body down before heading home.

6. Exercise With Others!

Get your friends to join - a new school year is a great opportunity to start new programs, form new habits, or inspire your kids to lead active and healthy lifestyles, as well. Take your kids!

7. Parents - Be Efficient

If you're a parent who happens to be off work in time to get your young children to practices, utilize that time while they're practicing to exercise in or near the same facility your child is at. That way you an be supportive and take them to practices, but still get your exercise in. Lead by example!