Physical Therapy Direct Access

Direct Access in Kansas.

Kansas now has a direct access program that allows you to come directly to Physical Therapy without a prescription. 

What does this mean?

You no longer have to have a referral from your physician. Direct access removes unnecessary steps and related costs and puts the decision in the patient's hands. This is only available with certain insurance coverage though; Medicare still requires a doctor's referral. If you have questions about direct access please call and we will help to see if you are eligible.


"Kansas became the latest state to improve patient access to physical therapists when Governor Sam Brownback signed HB 2066 on March 28, 2013 legislation that will ease burdensome referral requirements that impede timely care from skilled physical therapists. Achievement of direct access in all 50 states has been a longtime and fundamental goal of APTA, and the organization supports this positive move in Kansas. " - American Physical Therapy Association.