Champion Performance and Physical Therapy sits right on the edge between Prairie Village and the Ward Parkway/Mission Hills neighborhood.  We are fortunate to receive patients from both the northern and southern halves of the metro area - and through our extensive network, we've seen some incredible successful surgical feats occur here in the heart of America. 

With so many nationally-ranked medical centers and surgeons who practice in the greater Kansas City area, it is no surprise to those of us in the medical field that there are doctors near our own homes who are at the forefront of medical innovation. These physicians and surgeons travel throughout the nation, and throughout the world, learning and teaching techniques and surgical improvements that decrease risk factor possibilities by the exponent, and improve overall patient recovery and quality of life.

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota publishes the best and most recent discoveries in orthopedic surgery on a monthly basis, and while your physical therapy staff keeps up on their annual clinical education courses, a little extra knowledge helps us inform our patients and start them a step ahead in the rehab process.  

Attached below is a link to the 2016 publications from that same publication.